Utilizing medications to improve outcomes

Serenity Psychcare’s team of experienced providers assess and work closely with patients to develop personalized medication treatment plans addressing their unique needs and recovery goals. This is vital as not all medications will be received or tolerated by patients in the same way. It is also critical to monitor these medications; their side effects and their possible interactions with other medications. We always consider our patient’s medical history, current symptoms, and other factors to ensure that they receive the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.

In addition to prescribing medication, we also provide ongoing monitoring and supervision to ensure that our patients achieve the best possible results. We keep track of their progress, review their plan, and adjust medications as needed.

It is also important to note that not all patients and not all psychiatric conditions require medicine. Other forms of treatment such as counseling, life management skills, and behavioral therapies may be enough. Most times these are offered in conjunction with medications for better outcomes.

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